This article is the second in a series of four discussing the different types of engagement rings. Choosing the right ring is essential to making your special moment perfect. In this article, you’ll find information to help you choose the perfect halo ring.

The halo engagement ring is the second most popular ring, directly after the classic solitaire engagement ring. The term “halo” refers to the halo or halos of small diamonds that surround the larger center diamond.

Choosing the Right Kind of Halo ring

The appeal of the halo ring is that it gives the illusion of a larger center diamond. Because of this, the halo ring is known for getting wearers “more bang for their buck”. Additionally, the design can make already-large diamonds appear enormous. The extra diamonds also increase the surface area into which light can shine which means the ring sparkles more.

The Halo setting allows for a great deal of design creativity. The center stone can be any shape including:

  • Cushion


  • Emerald


  • Marquise


  • Oval


  • Pear


  • Princess

  • Round

The shape of the halo that surrounds your center stone depends entirely on the shape of the center stone. What you’ll want to do is spent as much time as you need browsing and trying on each of the different styles to see which one best matches your tastes and preferences.

When deciding, you’ll also have to consider the implications that certain ring shapes will have on your day-to-day life. For example, pear and marquise rings tend to get snagged on things a lot because of their pointed shapes. If you aren’t planning on wearing your ring daily then that might not be a huge deal. If you are, then you might consider a different ring shape to accompany your desire to wear your engagement ring consistently.

The halo ring is the perfect choice for those who love flashy designs, or for people who want the center diamond to appear larger than it is. There are many different iterations of the dazzling halo ring and we at Ballantyne Jewelers would love to help you make your choice. For over 50 years, we have been uniting lovers with the promise and devotion that our rings symbolize. Stop by our store or give us a call at (704) 341-4242 today!