This article is the first in a series of four discussing the different types of engagement rings. Choosing the right ring is essential to making your special moment perfect. In this article, you’ll find information to help you choose the perfect solitaire ring.

The solitaire engagement ring is what we think of when we picture a stereotypical engagement ring: a band with a diamond on top. The term “solitaire” refers to any piece of jewelry that features a single diamond.


Choosing the Right Diamond Shape

The simplicity of the solitaire ring has captured and enthralled wearers for generations. It’s so alluring because it’s so simple. The center diamond is accentuated in a no-frills way. One of the things you’ll have to decide on when choosing or creating your perfect ring is the shape of the diamond.

The most popular diamond shape, and best-fitting the solitaire style, is the round brilliant cut. When light enters a diamond, the shape controls the amount of light it returns. The term ‘brilliance’ when referring to diamond cut quality is a measure of the amount of light a diamond returns. For solitaire rings, the round brilliant shape returns the most light and, because the solitaire style is ideal for showcasing the stone, is the ideal shape.


Best Ring Setting to Choose For a Solitaire Ring

Another important consideration when choosing the perfect engagement ring is the setting. There are several settings to choose from and this decision is based partly on style, partly on your daily activity level, and partly on how often you plan on wearing the ring.

Settings that work best for a solitaire ring:

  • Bezel setting

The bezel setting gets its name because of the bezels (grooved rings) holding the diamond in place. Bezel settings are one of the most popular kinds of settings because they are known to be the most secure. The only downside is that a portion of the diamond is covered. For those who plan to wear their engagement ring often and have an active lifestyle, this setting is ideal.

  • Cathedral setting

The cathedral setting gets its name because of how to prongs holding the diamond in place resemble buttresses and arches found in gothic cathedrals. For those wanting security similar to that which the bezel setting offers, but who don’t want to compromise on the amount of light that enters the stone, this setting is ideal.

  • Tension setting

Tension settings are very unique in their own right. They get their name because the diamond is held in place using a great deal of pressure. The setting itself is secure, but it is the most susceptible to damage from blunt impact. It is perfect for those who plan on wearing their engagement ring on special occasions or those who don’t have an incredibly active lifestyle. The appeal of this setting is that it allows the greatest amount of light to filter through the stone.


The solitaire ring is the perfect choice for those who love minimalist designs, or for people who want to the diamond itself to be the focus of the ring. There are many different iterations of the classic solitaire ring and we at Ballantyne Jewelers would love to help you make your choice. For over 50 years, we have been uniting lovers with the promise and devotion that our rings symbolize. Stop by our store or give us a call at (704) 341-4242 today!