With shifting tastes and styles, it can be difficult to stay on top of what’s hot right now. As accredited retailers, we at Ballantyne Jewelers make it our business to know what’s hip and what isn’t. Here are some of the trending jewelry types in 2018:


Halo Engagement Rings

Since their debut in the 1920s, Halo engagement rings have made major waves. The rings received their name because of the “halo” of smaller diamonds that encircle the center diamond. This style is more of a continuing trend than it is a new trend. The main draw of halo engagement rings is that they can make a smaller diamond seem much larger while also adding flair. The style itself is only second to one in popularity: the classic solitaire engagement ring.





Solitaire Engagement Rings

What do you picture when you think of a classic engagement ring? Most likely, you’re imagining a solitaire style ring. It is the best setting for displaying the center diamond. If you’re looking for a classic, timeless look, browse Ballantyne’s collection of solitaire engagement rings.





Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose gold is made by alloying (mixing) yellow gold with other metals. The result is a more durable metal that can be worn daily without fear of wear and tear. Jewelry made from rose gold has noticed a surge in popularity in 2018. Many people love the alloy for its vintage appeal and antique appearance. Whether you’re looking to stay ahead of trends with new fashion pieces or are looking for an engagement piece, you can’t go wrong for choosing rose gold for your metal.



Having trouble finding a ring that feels right? Have no fear, you can always create your own custom piece! At Ballantyne Jewelers, we can work step by step with you to create the perfect ring. This is the final trend on our list. In 2018, more and more people are creating their own custom pieces. It has never been easier or more rewarding to fashion the perfect ring that will last a lifetime.


Above all else, when taking jewelry advice or when making purchase decisions, it’s important to consult with professionals. Feel free to stop by the Ballantyne store and ask any burning questions you might have.