Benchmark Jewelry in NC

At Ballantyne Jewelers, we appreciate a company with a conscious, and that’s why we’re humbled to carry Benchmark’s magnificent Wedding Rings. Understanding the social and environmental implications that metal mining has, the company is dedicated to repurposing recycled precious metals to craft and design all of their fine jewelry.

While still guaranteeing the same high quality you deserve, Benchmark is committed to not contributing to the issues mining arises by rejecting the mining of new materials. With multiple metal types in their repertoire, Benchmark is bound to have the perfect mens wedding ring match for you.

They also understand the hesitancy that many men feel when choosing a wedding band for themselves, and offer a wide selection to choose from, with classic to highly stylized to fit all comfort zones.

An amazing ring that uses bold materials while still maintaining the simplicity normally given to mens wedding rings is this Ammara Stone Comfort-Fit Design Wedding Band. 8mm wide, this band features three rows, with the middle segment containing a wall fracture center that contrasts texturally and color-wise to the metal, highlighting the intricacy in its detail.

The top and the bottom segments are made out of Ammara stone metal, a combination that joins the scratch resistance and hypoallergenic nature of Grey Tantalum with the long standing deep black color of Black Titanium.

For perhaps a more elegant look that matches with the diamonds on your partner’s wedding ring, Benchmark has just the band for you. This 9mm Comfort fit band from their highly durable and rugged Forge line features three round cut diamonds spaced out along a line of cobalt in the center of the ring.

On either side, graphite inlays add a bold splash of color that give the band a more masculine appeal. Beyond that, we see more cobalt, which allows the ring a hardness that is extremely scratch resistance but without the added density to weigh it down. Additionally, you can visibly see the rounding of the inside of the ring, traditional in a Comfort Fit, which helps the band slide over your knuckle easier, perfect for someone that frequently needs to take it off for work.

While we carry a number of classic rings by Benchmark, the designers occasionally feature such intricate and meticulous that have to be seen to be believed. One such example is with this 7mm 14k white gold Comfort Fit Wedding Ring. The bottom quarter of the ring, we see the white gold featured with a smooth satin finish.

Above, grey tantalum seems to be heavily carved and leaving a textured black detailing as the negative space. On the foreground, the tantalum metal has been transformed into multiple tree branches sprouting and intertwining at multiple points against what looks like the midnight of the black background.

This stunning display takes the idea of jewelry as art to an entirely new realm, providing us with a three dimensional depth not seen in many wedding rings. For added ornamentation, the inside of the band features a black strip on the other side of the white gold outer layer, creating a unique counterbalance and fun hidden decoration.

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