Verragio Rings in Charlotte, NC

Unlike many companies, the story behind Verragio is one of an individual and his dreams. A native of Moscow, Barry Verragio moved to New York City and worked as a bench jeweler for ten years before enrolling in the world-renowned Fashion Institute of Technology.

There, he met professor Maurice Galley who taught him a lesson he still follows today, the need to design a ring with a woman in mind. Questioning every single pencil line in his drawings, he would ask if it is as beautiful and as elegant as the woman he was imagining. That is the essence behind Verragio Engagement Rings, reality and the strive to create unique designs.

Verragio knows that you are your own individual with your own individual tastes. That’s why each ring is customizable to help you find the ring that perfectly matches the uniqueness that is you. From the color of the band, lace, shank, and halo, the opportunities to customize are endless. All rings are purposefully sold Semi-Mount, allowing you to also choose the size and shape of your center stone.

Their easy to use website makes all this option easier by offering digital customizations, giving you the chance to experiment with different designs and find out what it is that really makes you happy.

With many collections to choose from, Verragio is here to find the perfect one for you. Perhaps the ring with the most customizable options is the intricately designed, yet done so simply Parisian Collection. As two bands run one above the other, the inner a layer of beads and the outer a sleek ribbon, a set of four gold wraps bind the two together in a sign of textural harmony.

As the outer band jumps in between wraps, it bends outwards to form an elegant pinch on the bottom of the band, as it makes its way up to merge into your beautifully selected center stone.

Inspired by the design of the classic Verragio logo, the Insignia collection is for those that want the above and beyond. With a variety of bold scroll work below the center stone that is broken up by sparkling diamond shanks, this classic Verragio Engagement Ring provides much room for gaze and awe.

Just like all their collections, Couture has a style that makes it one of a kind. Of note in the Couture collection are their glorious two toned engagement rings. Just like in the Parisian collection, two bands run simultaneously, but in opposite colors, creating a look that is a little more enhanced, but still carries an air of delicacy.

In a similar graceful fashion, the inner band makes its way up to the head before both sides seahorse in opposite directions to reveal a diamond shank in the center.

While their designs may be intricate, everything at Verragio is done to highlight the center stone and allow it to radiate the joy it’s meant to. With pieces offered in various colors and in both 14k and 18k Gold, Verragio Engagement Ring’s are created with every woman’s beauty in mind.

Because their goal, the thing that they really strive for, is helping every woman feel as beautiful as she is. They can be your canvas, and you yourself can be the designer. Choose Verragio, and make something you feel beautiful in.

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