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You feel it’s time to pop the question, and with such an important moment comes the search for an engagement ring that is not only unique but also full of meaning. A piece of jewelry that represents your story as a couple, with all those little particularities that are so beautiful.

Traditionally, engagement rings symbolize a proposal of marriage, and while any ring can be considered an engagement ring, the most popular choice contains a diamond that can be complemented by other precious stones.

At Ballantyne Jewelers, we offer a wide selection of engagement rings from renowned designers like Gabriel & Co., Michael M, Noam Carver, and Simon G. Our impeccable options are made with the utmost care in platinum, 14K and 18K gold, all encrusted with diamonds.

Any engagement ring is a symbolic representation of a couple’s love for one another, and here you find different settings available. You can choose from three stone, criss-cross, free-form, halo, solitaire, split shank, and straight engagement rings.

A three stone engagement ring features a bigger diamond in the middle that stands for the couple’s brilliant future together. This centerpiece is adorned with two other smaller diamonds on each side, and they represent the past and the present.

The perfect representation of two crossing paths that result in the merge of two lives is the criss cross setting. It stands for the fidelity you already have and will continue having long after you get married.

If you and your partner consider yourselves to be free-spirited souls, freeform engagement rings are the ideal design for you. This style symbolizes kindred hearts that found each other without losing their essence, that are better together and continue to be free in their union.

Considered the second most popular setting of all time, the halo engagement ring first became popular in the 1920s. The clean, geometric lines, ornate details, and dramatic flourishes of this design were inspired by the art deco movement. It’s for those couples with colorful and artistic personalities.

Trends change and evolve, but solitaire engagement rings remain one of the most timeless ring designs. Its only diamond in the center of the band is there to remind you of life’s most precious moments.

A solitaire engagement ring is for those who value every little detail of their lives together. And it comes with a variation: straight engagement rings. These are similar to the solitaire, but their bands are embellished with gemstones.

Split shank engagement rings are a great option for those who fancy a vintage style. This setting features two or more slender shanks stemming from the center stone, and it is about two paths that found each other and became one.

At Ballantyne Jewelers you find this wide selection of settings, and they all come packed with beauty and meaning.

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